Elvis Festival – Part 2


From Humble Beginnings

The Elvis festival began in 2004 from fairly small beginnings but is now it’s one of the largest in the world attracting Elvis’s from all over the globe.┬áIt has become something of an essential player in the local economy as well, worth close to seven million pounds but remains a tad surreal when you find yourself listening to a pretty good Elvis playing in a fish and chip shop!

IMG_1980-Edit IMG_1924-Edit

As in the previous post the images here have been shot in a fairly traditional documentary style. It’s a passive approach to documenting an event, moving around and through it constantly looking, anticipating, framing.

IMG_1962-Edit IMG_1963-Edit IMG_2032-Edit IMG_1869-Edit IMG_1884-Edit IMG_1863-Edit IMG_1844-Edit IMG_1958-Edit IMG_1770-Edit IMG_1918-Edit IMG_1789-Edit IMG_1742-Edit




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