Red Kites at Llanddeusant



I’ve been to Gigrin and Bwlch Nant yr Arian to photograph the red kites, but never to Llanddeusant. It’s a lot quieter than the other two, the sun’s behind you and the hides are very good for viewing but more importantly they’re excellent for photography.

DSC_1521 DSC_1519 DSC_1598

The weather was perfect with a beautifully clear blue sky to work against and with a waxing gibbous moon there was always the challenge to work with the kites and the moon together.

DSC_1795 DSC_1826 DSC_1637

The informality of the feeding centre and the fact that it was really tucked away deep in the Carmarthenshire countryside gave it a real sense of place.

DSC_1653 DSC_1639 DSC_1833 DSC_1678

You can never get tired of seeing the spectacle of fifty plus kites diving towards the ground and, as in both of the other locations, there’s an initial frenzy and then a succession of waves as the kites come in to continue feeding. They’re fed at 2.00pm GMT and 3.00pm BST but continue to swoop in up to a couple of hours after the food has been put out.

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