From the new Folio – Iceland 1

I’ve been out and about a bit in the last few months, infact I managed to find myself in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in four consecutive days last month!

Prior to that I spent a week in Iceland with great friend Brendan Burns, Ireland with my daughter Nia Haf, for a week in Kerry, and Scotland with my brothers and mum. Surfice to say it was hectic but brilliant.

Since coming back I’ve spent sometime sorting the work out and also making up a new folio to hike a round a bit for exhibitions and who knows what. So rather than write about my experiences over the last months I thought I’d just show images. So here goes, 15 images per post for a little while from the new extended folio. Hope you enjoy them. First a few from Iceland.

P2660394 P2660377-Edit P2660353  P2660309-Edit P2660271 P2660132 P2660031 P2660579 P2660546 P2660520 P2660517 P2660505 P2660170

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