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It’s been a good while since I last posted a blog but a recent trip to Mull, and devouring ‘The Eagles Way’ by a favourite nature writer of mine, Jim Crumley, has made me think about getting ‘something out there’(funnily enough another title of one of Crumley’s twenty five or so books!)



Mull has unashamedly become ‘eagle island’ but has a lot more to offer than just a growing population of the sea eagle and a stable population of the more human shy golden one of the species. Both are no longer difficult to see on the island, but always get the heart racing in a way no other inhabitant of Mull is quite capable of doing.

I know Mull, but only as a frequent visitor over the years, and would never claim to ‘know it well’ I know where to watch for the classics Mull has to offer and with patience they rarely let you down. I know the capricious nature of her weather, at any time of the year, and have experienced all four seasons in one week on the island.


But as ever it is through images that I see Mull. I’ll leave the wonderful words and evocative passages to the likes of Jim Crumley. Occasionally I’ll quote him and others in my work (I have a passion for books on natural history writing) but I experience a place through a lens (camera, binocular or telescope) It’s my creative outlet and window onto places that inspire and calm.

It’s perhaps worth quoting from an essay I wrote in the recent publication, Ghosts of the Restless Shore (Arts Edition North 2015)


‘Lastly and central to why I use a camera is the fact that without it I see less clearly. There is an argument that runs along the lines that the camera actually gets in the way of experiencing any given moment. It is seen as a filter that stops primary engagement; just experience the moment. For myself I see the camera more like a filter that clarifies and intensifies…’

So it’s images rather than words I give here and images over a number of years of visiting Mull.



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