When Light is Magical


There are a few occasions when light seems more, much more than simply the everyday occurrence that we take for granted.

It can happen in the most unexpected places, when you are held spellbound by a seemingly insignificant moment that will disappear in an instant, or it can occur on a vast scale when conditions prevail to produce extraordinary yet still transitory effects.


I’m not a studio photographer, I don’t create light from nothing, I use what’s around and love the looking. To experience such moments is akin to listening to sublime pieces of music or standing in front of exquisite works of art.


Light, it’s what we deal in, it’s why and how we practice this thing called photography. I know I can’t do without it and need to both understand it’s properties and intuitively respond to it. When these sublime moments occur something spiritual happens and everything seems to come together: It’s when light is magical.

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