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St.Kilda …. Looking Doubtful

Leaving Canna for Knoydart

Our third day and not much progress towards St.Kilda but all enjoying the Inner Hebrides and the uncertainty of where we would be mooring the next night. This evening we found ourselves in one of the remotest places in Scotland, Inverie on Knoydart, only accessible by foot or boat.

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Canna ….. but St. Kilda?

Woke up to a very wet day on Rum. Wind speeds were up too out of the shelter of Kinloch Bay. No chance to make a push to Lochmaddy where we would be in a position to make an attempt to reach St. Kilda. If we were going to be sea sick this was the day. Winds pushing towards 5/6 on the Beaufort scale, we were rolled and buffeted but out on deck it was exhilarating.

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Destination St.Kilda


Kylebhan, home for the next week. Built in the 60’s as a fishing trawler

Just recently returned from five weeks up in the north of Scotland and experienced rain on only 5 days! Whilst we didn’t get anywhere near the contested 33 C recorded in Motherwell on the 28th June (thank goodness) we certainly struck lucky. Read more…


Started an exciting collaboration with painter and print maker Sue Hunt.

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Iceland 3


Iceland for me was beautifully articulated by one of my favourite nature writers, Jim Crumley. He was referring to Skye in his book, Barn Owl, when he said,

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Iceland 2

Sort of Chronological from the time spent in Iceland. Second set today. These give a little more context to the images that are making up the folio. A bit of a flavour as to where both Brendan and I were working.

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From the new Folio – Iceland 1

I’ve been out and about a bit in the last few months, infact I managed to find myself in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in four consecutive days last month!

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Mull – Swallows and the Art of Flying


For all the spectacular and heady wildlife Mull has to offer, the photographs I’m perhaps most pleased with from my last trip are those of a bird I always enjoy working with, and one that continues to challenge; the swallow.

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Golden Eagles on Mull


My brother Phil had just come back from Mull and had told of a golden eagle eyrie very close to the single road that runs through Glen More. He’d also been lucky enough to see it take a live lamb off the hillside in front of the eyrie and return it to the then small eaglet sitting tight and out of sight in what had become known as the ‘smiling rock’, due to the shape of the crag under which the eyrie lay.

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Mull 1


It’s been a good while since I last posted a blog but a recent trip to Mull, and devouring ‘The Eagles Way’ by a favourite nature writer of mine, Jim Crumley, has made me think about getting ‘something out there’(funnily enough another title of one of Crumley’s twenty five or so books!)

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From the Archive

Portuguese able seaman, Firethorn 1979

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Ghosts of the Restless Shore 2

Ghosts of the Restless Shore


A hard week putting it up, but also a rewarding experience. The exhibition runs from now until 15th November. There will be a dedicated website to follow and also a new ‘Active Projects’ category on this website. Much more to follow!

From the Archive

Bala 1980


1980 – Rhiwlas, Bala – I’d seen the shot before and asked the shepherds if they could create a perfect circle with the feed.

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Ghosts of the Restless Shore


One of the things that has helped me during my period of depression was having to do some work on a project that I was committed to prior to my illness. At times I had absolutely no interest in going out with the camera but forced myself to do some work.

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Depression – West Wales Water


Up and Down

I have read and been told that the road out of depression is one of ups and downs, with the ups slowly outweighing the downs.

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Photography Walk One – Cwmfellinfach


We were lucky with the weather for a new series of walks with Caerphilly Countryside Services that started on Saturday, as I write this now there’s thunder around and some seriously heavy rain!

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words


A little wacky at times, definitely engaging and, as it was billed, ‘..serious fun…’ That’s what the ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ Conference was today. Held at the Burberry factory in Treorchy it aimed, through a very interactive event, to allow voices to be heard and listened to.

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Elvis on an iphone – part 2



A few more…….

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Elvis on an iphone – Part 1



We took the first year USW photojournalism students to the Elvis festival in Porthcawl on the weekend. We did the same last year, it’s a really good introduction for them to get used to communicating with people and most folk are ‘up’ for being photographed.

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When Light is Magical : 2


Sometimes everywhere you turn light seems to be doing something extraordinary and it can happen when you are in the perfect place. It happened this summer in Glen Etive, one of the very best glens in the highlands of Scotland.

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Tim lectures in Photography at the University of Glamorgan as well undertaking work as a Freelance Photographer. He has widely exhibited his work throughout the UK and has published several books.