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When Light is Magical


There are a few occasions when light seems more, much more than simply the everyday occurrence that we take for granted.

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Enys Gardens – Cornwall – Bluebells


We happened to hit it just right. A visit to Falmouth to catch up with Nia Haf coincided with the peak period of the bluebells at Enys gardens in Penryn.

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Walking Through the Sands of Time – Part Four


From Aisndale to Southport completed the Sefton Coast path on day four and saw a full complement join us for another day of learning, talking, discussing and listening.

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Walking Through the Sands of Time – Part Three


Never believe the weather forecast! It was going to be a terrible day, thunder, heavy rain and the risk of floods. We had a plan B, never sure quite what is was though and I put the canon into its underwater housing!

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Walking Through the Sands of Time – Part Two


The second leg of the ‘Walking Through the Sands of Time’  saw us all move from Hightown to Freshfield. Just images of the group this time, the format of the walks remains the same. I’m slowly beginning to see themes developing and what the walks are meaning to me. I’ll post about them later.

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Walking Through the Sands of Time – Part One


It seems to have been a long time coming but finally, today, we kicked off the first of the four Art Walks running the length of the Sefton Coastal path. Today’s leg took us from Waterloo to Hightown not much more than four and a half miles but it took us over six hours.

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A few images from Scotland


Just a quick post firstly to apologise for the lack of activity on the site and secondly to preview a few images from a recent trip to Scotland.

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Avocets, Godwits and Gulls at Marshside


Simply a great place to be during this time of the year. Avocets, godwits, gulls and lots of squabbling – wish I lived closer!

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Mediterranean Gulls at Marshside


The changing landscape of bird populations within Britain makes for interesting reading and Marshside, close to Southport, has seen some very interesting trends over the twenty or so years its been in the care of the RSPB.

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Penarth Sea Front – Anglers – Part Two


So Countryfile came and went, and there’s not much more to be said really. Half a days filming for a minute and not putting the context behind the work we are planning to do. But there we go, nothing ventured etc. etc.

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BBC Countryfile, Sunday 13th April


Filming with Shauna Lowry for Countryfile.

Tomorrow 7.00pm. (more later)

Decline of the Sparrows


Just back from the North West after doing a small piece for BBC Countryfile (more on that later) and managed a few day out with the camera and collecting more material for the WALK project in the summer. This first post concentrates on a few hours I spent with the tree sparrows at Martin Mere and the decline of the sparrows of this country.

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Ewenny Priory – Awe and Austere


There’s a unique sense of awe and timelessness that resides in Ewenny Priory. It’s an austere place and whenever I’ve visited, it’s been people less.

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Reclaiming beauty and the sublime


Just three images on this post and a sad reflection of where photography education may be going.

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Anglers at Penarth – A Developing Student Project


Yesterday I spent some time with a group of anglers on the front at Penarth. High tide was a couple of hours away and slowly more and more folk  appeared with all the kit to fish it.

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Red Kites at Llanddeusant



I’ve been to Gigrin and Bwlch Nant yr Arian to photograph the red kites, but never to Llanddeusant. It’s a lot quieter than the other two, the sun’s behind you and the hides are very good for viewing but more importantly they’re excellent for photography.

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Llanridian Marsh, Gower


A couple of speculative days down on the north coast of Gower, at Llanridian Marsh, brought some interesting birds and intriguing light. I decided to pick one spot and stay with it all day, not moving at all.

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Reconnaissance for WALK project



I was up in Liverpool on the weekend doing the first reconnaissance for a series of walks along the Sefton Coast path. It’s an area I know well from birdwatching back in the 70’s and not much has changed really.

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Ancient Islay, Kilnave and Kildalton


Grave slabs, chapel and cross at Kilnave

It’s not just the birds that draw me to Islay, it’s also very rich in ancient history and has some of the best preserved  Christian high crosses anywhere in Britain.

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Birds in Flight


Back at the farm again and working in a little brighter light gave me better parameters in which to work. The flight shots were taken with the Nikon 500mm lens prefocused on about a two foot square frame.

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Tim lectures in Photography at the University of Glamorgan as well undertaking work as a Freelance Photographer. He has widely exhibited his work throughout the UK and has published several books.