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Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at Ynys-hir

The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is not an easy bird to see or photograph. I’ve been to quite a few locations over the years where they are known to breed (and it’s never easy to be 100% sure of that!) but never even caught sight of them. ‘A shy bird of the high canopy’ is often how bird books will describe them.

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Iceland 3


Iceland for me was beautifully articulated by one of my favourite nature writers, Jim Crumley. He was referring to Skye in his book, Barn Owl, when he said,

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Iceland 2

Sort of Chronological from the time spent in Iceland. Second set today. These give a little more context to the images that are making up the folio. A bit of a flavour as to where both Brendan and I were working.

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From the new Folio – Iceland 1

I’ve been out and about a bit in the last few months, infact I managed to find myself in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in four consecutive days last month!

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Depression – West Wales Water


Up and Down

I have read and been told that the road out of depression is one of ups and downs, with the ups slowly outweighing the downs.

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Photography Walk One – Cwmfellinfach


We were lucky with the weather for a new series of walks with Caerphilly Countryside Services that started on Saturday, as I write this now there’s thunder around and some seriously heavy rain!

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words


A little wacky at times, definitely engaging and, as it was billed, ‘..serious fun…’ That’s what the ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ Conference was today. Held at the Burberry factory in Treorchy it aimed, through a very interactive event, to allow voices to be heard and listened to.

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When Light is Magical : 2


Sometimes everywhere you turn light seems to be doing something extraordinary and it can happen when you are in the perfect place. It happened this summer in Glen Etive, one of the very best glens in the highlands of Scotland.

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When Light is Magical


There are a few occasions when light seems more, much more than simply the everyday occurrence that we take for granted.

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Walking Through the Sands of Time – Part One


It seems to have been a long time coming but finally, today, we kicked off the first of the four Art Walks running the length of the Sefton Coastal path. Today’s leg took us from Waterloo to Hightown not much more than four and a half miles but it took us over six hours.

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A few images from Scotland


Just a quick post firstly to apologise for the lack of activity on the site and secondly to preview a few images from a recent trip to Scotland.

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Ancient Islay, Kilnave and Kildalton


Grave slabs, chapel and cross at Kilnave

It’s not just the birds that draw me to Islay, it’s also very rich in ancient history and has some of the best preserved  Christian high crosses anywhere in Britain.

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Birds in Flight


Back at the farm again and working in a little brighter light gave me better parameters in which to work. The flight shots were taken with the Nikon 500mm lens prefocused on about a two foot square frame.

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Islay Geese 2


Following on from the previous post this set once again aims to give a sense of the broader context in which the geese are experienced.

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A Real Challenge at clwb ifor bach


Another music gig at clwb ifor bach and a handful of photojournalism students getting some practice at seriously low light photography!

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Working with the commoner gulls


A series of images taken on the river Taff. It doesn’t matter what your working with there’s always a real feeling of excitement when your around any activity and the aim is to find the one shot when it all comes together.

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Migrants at Goldcliff


I finally managed to catch up with a bird that has been a little elusive for me over the years, the only other sighting I had was at Dinas some four years ago and that could only be described as a glimpse.

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Kittiwakes at the grotto – Part 2


… So to the evening session and a good couple of hours with the Kittiwakes but this time with an overcast sky.

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Marsden Grotto – Kittiwakes


‘I’ll just leave it for you to see’ were Mike’s words as we were driving through South Shields towards Marsden. He’d mentioned nothing about Kittiwakes, a lift or a pub and as we drove into the car-park none of this trio were evident, but he’d said something about a grotto?

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Spotted Flycatchers at Highgreen


A week spent in Northumberland with my brother to see a few exhibitions he’s been involved with was inspirational in many ways and has pushed me forward in thinking about my own work.

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