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Nature’s National Flag – Jim Crumley


I’m currently reading ‘The Nature of Autumn’ by one of our greatest nature writers Jim Crumley, seems apt just now, and came across a small piece about nature’s national flag and Mark Rothko. In my previous post ‘Clarity, Colour and Emptiness’ the last image could easily have accompanied Crumley’s thoughts on, ‘the triple expanses of sand and open sea and open sky’

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A Few Photographs Taken in Atrocious Weather Conditions

Following on from the last post here’s a few images that have been taken in pretty appalling weather…..

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10 Recent Images


I’ve been out and about to various parts of the country in the last week or so, and as always camera with me, without it you feel somehow undressed.

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An Antidote to HDR


The vogue at the moment within photography is high dynamic range imaging (HDR) and whilst it has certain applications where it can function effectively it is, at the moment, over played. These images are an antidote to HDR and celebrate the subtle within photography.

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10 Very Different Images all Taken on the Same Beach


All of these photographs were taken on Druisdtone beach in West Wales and show what can be achieved when you really “work” your subject and strive to see things in new and unconventional ways.

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10 Inspirational Photographs Using Silhouettes


A few images for some ideas on using silhouttes – They’re occurring everywhere and not just at the beginning and end of the day. I particarly enjoy the portrait profiles, it harks back to the physionotrace and it’s amazing how we all have such a unique and clearly recognisable profile.

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