Birds in Flight


Back at the farm again and working in a little brighter light gave me better parameters in which to work. The flight shots were taken with the Nikon 500mm lens prefocused on about a two foot square frame.

DSC_1006-Edit DSC_0742-Edit DSC_0485-Edit

As soon as I saw any movement from the trees bordering the feeders I pressed the shutter. The Nikon DS3 allowed me to work comfortably at 3200 ISO and on speeds no less than 1250/th sec. At times, as the sun came through the clouds, I could gain a little more depth of field as I was working on shutter priority.

DSC_1039-Edit DSC_0474 DSC_0443-Edit DSC_0423 DSC_0554-Edit

Of course there’s a lot of luck and chance but it’s crucial to be prefocused at just the right spot depending on the birds path to the feeders and then anticipation is the key. It’s way to late to press the shutter once you see the bird arriving in the space, all you get then is the bird nestled nicely on the feeders and nothing in the space; it’s a game of low percentages, but a good one to play.

DSC_0382 DSC_0481

Chaffinch’s dominate the grouping simply because they’re easier to deal with, sometimes ‘hovering’ before landing on the feeders. The tits on the other hand are straight in and out with no messing about. Decided lack of siskin, gold and greenfinch this year on the feeders??


The full ‘frame’ in which all the action has to take place


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