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Depression – West Wales Water


Up and Down

I have read and been told that the road out of depression is one of ups and downs, with the ups slowly outweighing the downs.

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Photography Walk One – Cwmfellinfach


We were lucky with the weather for a new series of walks with Caerphilly Countryside Services that started on Saturday, as I write this now there’s thunder around and some seriously heavy rain!

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When Light is Magical


There are a few occasions when light seems more, much more than simply the everyday occurrence that we take for granted.

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Enys Gardens – Cornwall – Bluebells


We happened to hit it just right. A visit to Falmouth to catch up with Nia Haf coincided with the peak period of the bluebells at Enys gardens in Penryn.

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Underwater photography at Pembrokeshire


I encountered an unusual space the other day, one that’s around us as an island everywhere but curiously one that very few experience.

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An Uncomfortable Space

The relationship between the cliff top and the sea has always fascinated me. The space that divides the two is somewhere we rarely venture. I’m not a rock climber and even then you’re still grounded, all be it to a near vertical incline.

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Cwm Nash: At the Edge of Light

Much of my work over the years has been coastal, it’s somewhere were so much is going on; so many processes and changes, it’s continual and in constant flux and has the capacity to take you into a different space and time.

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The hour and a half Brendan and I spent on the beach with the tide pushing us back towards the cliffs took me back to my work at Druidston in Pembrokeshire (more posts to follow).

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Glimpse, by Brendan Stuart Burns

I’ve always been an avid collector of books and despite now owning a Kindle (they do have some advantages), I’ll keep collecting. You commune with books, they become part of you and immersion within them is an experience that is at times intensely personal.

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A Walk on the Gower: 1

Not fifty miles from us we have one of the finest coastal stretches in Britain and over the next few months we’re determined to explore it more thoroughly than we have to date.

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Seed Dispersal

The recent warm weather has seen some fine ‘blue skies’ but a little closer look revealed an amazing spectacle.

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Walks With a Camera – Pen-y-Fan Pond

An over subscribed walk brought together some new folk along with a hard core of followers who have been on all the walks to date.

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Keeping It Simple

I was at the National Botanic Garden of Wales a couple of weeks ago and as the weather was so poor I was forced in doors, not a bad option as the place has the largest single span glasshouse in the world.

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New Series of Walks With Caerphilly Countryside Services

Following 0n from the success of last years walks we are running a further two this year in spring and the autumn.

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Brecon Beacons – The Quiet Way Up

We had a glorious day to do this walk up the Beacons and didn’t meet a soul all the way up and down!

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Somerset Levels No.2

The following images were taken on the second evening.

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Somerset Levels No. 1

Last weekend I took a trip to the ‘Levels’ to see the now very famous Starling roost.

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Welcome Back

Jackdaw Roost

Off we go again with, hopefully, some interesting articles and images.

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Autumn Walk from Hollybush


The third in  a series of four ‘photographic walks’ has come and gone. We had planned this one to coincide with autumn colours hoped for a decent day.

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10 Recent Images


I’ve been out and about to various parts of the country in the last week or so, and as always camera with me, without it you feel somehow undressed.

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