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Ewenny Priory – Awe and Austere


There’s a unique sense of awe and timelessness that resides in Ewenny Priory. It’s an austere place and whenever I’ve visited, it’s been people less.

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Reconnaissance for WALK project



I was up in Liverpool on the weekend doing the first reconnaissance for a series of walks along the Sefton Coast path. It’s an area I know well from birdwatching back in the 70’s and not much has changed really.

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Elvis Festival – Part 1


A group of students on our new photojournalism course at the University of South Wales covered the Elvis festival at Porthcawl this weekend and their work was showcased on BBC Wales news online.

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Students at Porter’s – Band Photography


Polly and Becky at Porter’s bar

The new academic year has started and our first year students are involved in a number of photography shoots during their induction week. Today saw a collaboration between the music and photography courses that are run at the Atrium.

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Walk from Parc Cwm Darran for the 2014 Calendar


The scheduled August walk had to be cancelled due, would you believe, to bad weather! So a rather quickly arranged date was agreed – we needed and still need to  compile enough images that place the walks into a context and time is running out.

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New Calendar for 2014


The new calendar for 2014 is finally on its way! (check out the 2012 one here – 2013 we missed due to my illness!) We’ve already cancelled two dates due to very unseasonal weather but today we were lucky and the weather was ideal for the work we had planned.

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Calendar Walk – 1

Weather was stunning, but we had to search for the flowers despite the recent warm weather. Luckily James took us to a small patch where Caerphilly Countryside Services have recently planted a whole variety of flowers.

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A New Calendar – Flowers of Argoed

As you’ll have noticed from a post a few weeks ago we’re embarking on a new calendar for Caerphilly County Council this year and it all starts this Sunday, 1st April.

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Calendar 2012 – New 2013 Calendar Planned

I’m back posting for a while! Still have a big op to come up in the early spring but will try and move things on a little by then.

The 2012 calendar has been out since January 1st and has been met with enthusiasm from all quarters. The quality of the images we had to choose from was very high and I’d like to thank all those involved and for sending their images on to me. It was a lovely project to have worked on and as a result of its success we’ve been asked to do another one for 2013!

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Final Calendar Walk

The last walk in the current round has come and gone. A little wet this one, but we managed to shelter well in the  fungi forest at the top of Manmoel.

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Late Summer Walk – Manmoel

The last of the series of popular walks with a camera has come and gone. Hopefully we can push it forward sometime next year and maybe have a small exhibition of the work produced by those who come along.

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Walks With a Camera – Pen-y-Fan Pond

An over subscribed walk brought together some new folk along with a hard core of followers who have been on all the walks to date.

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New Series of Walks With Caerphilly Countryside Services

Following 0n from the success of last years walks we are running a further two this year in spring and the autumn.

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Final Group Walk With Caerphilly CC

On Sunday we rounded off our series of four photographic walks with the Caerphilly  Countryside Service. We canceled this last one from two weeks ago due to the weather and were rewarded with a stunning day and a group of sixteen keen participants.

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Autumn Walk from Hollybush


The third in  a series of four ‘photographic walks’ has come and gone. We had planned this one to coincide with autumn colours hoped for a decent day.

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Photography Course on Flat Holm


We at last managed to get over to Flat Holm on Saturday. The previous three course having been canceled due to poor weather and for a while it was touch and go as to whether we would make it this time.

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Summer Walk At Argoed


Heavy rain during the night and a couple of heavy showers this morning gave way to just about the perfect weather for photography for the ‘walks with a camera’ day.

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Heritage Coast Course


Once again the weather provided the main point of focus for this course as it had done so for the Brecon Beacons. This time it provided us with the full spectrum of a typically unsettled period.

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Brecon Beacons Course

Satellite Image of UK weather 1300 hours - Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

Satellite Image of UK weather 1300 hours 6.6.09 - Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

Review of UK weather on 06/06/09

‘Through the morning and afternoon the wettest weather became focused across Wales and southwest England, where torrential rain and thunderstorms occurred across South Wales, east Cornwall and Devon. Across South Wales, the very heavy rain and thunderstorms occurred during the afternoon, particularly across the valleys.’

Source: BBC weather – review of UK

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National Media Museum – Bradford


We took a group of students to the National Media Museum last week.

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