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Walking Through the Sands of Time – Part Four


From Aisndale to Southport completed the Sefton Coast path on day four and saw a full complement join us for another day of learning, talking, discussing and listening.

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Penarth Sea Front – Anglers – Part Two


So Countryfile came and went, and there’s not much more to be said really. Half a days filming for a minute and not putting the context behind the work we are planning to do. But there we go, nothing ventured etc. etc.

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Anglers at Penarth – A Developing Student Project


Yesterday I spent some time with a group of anglers on the front at Penarth. High tide was a couple of hours away and slowly more and more folk  appeared with all the kit to fish it.

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Elvis Festival – Part 2


From Humble Beginnings

The Elvis festival began in 2004 from fairly small beginnings but is now it’s one of the largest in the world attracting Elvis’s from all over the globe.¬†It has become something of an essential player in the local economy as well, worth close to seven million pounds but remains a tad surreal when you find yourself listening to a pretty good Elvis playing in a fish and chip shop!

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Elvis Festival – Part 1


A group of students on our new photojournalism course at the University of South Wales covered the Elvis festival at Porthcawl this weekend and their work was showcased on BBC Wales news online.

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Students at Porter’s – Band Photography


Polly and Becky at Porter’s bar

The new academic year has started and our first year students are involved in a number of photography shoots during their induction week. Today saw a collaboration between the music and photography courses that are run at the Atrium.

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Marsden Grotto – Kittiwakes


‘I’ll just leave it for you to see’ were Mike’s words as we were driving through South Shields towards Marsden. He’d mentioned nothing about Kittiwakes, a lift or a pub and as we drove into the car-park none of this trio were evident, but he’d said something about a grotto?

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Queen Victoria in the Mersey

Our timing was good but totally fortuitous, the Queen Victoria, Canard’s smaller sister (Queen Mary 2 and Elizabeth being larger) was due into Liverpool on the morning we were heading back to Wales.

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Bala: A Retrospective – No 6

A few more from the series –

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Estamos Juntos – An Exhibition at the Atrium

The opening of Estamos Juntos at the Atrium, Cardiff

We are trying to establish a gallery space at the Atrium on the second floor. ( The Atrium is the University of Glamorgan’s Media Centre in Cardiff and where I teach part-time) Probably going to name it Oriel f2.

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Bala: A Retrospective No 5

This small grouping were taken in the ‘Smithfield’ in Bala.

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Bala: A Retrospective – No 4

During the year I spent on the farm my aim was to photograph just about everything that each day would bring.

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Bala – A Retrospective – No 3

Continuing the the series of opening up negatives from 30 years ago.

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Bala: A Retrospective – No 2


The second in the retrospective series from Bala, North Wales.

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Bala: A Retrospective – No 1


My work with a farming community in Bala, North Wales started some 28 years ago and over the next year I’m aiming to take the work back to the community to properly archive all the images.

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10 Recent Images


I’ve been out and about to various parts of the country in the last week or so, and as always camera with me, without it you feel somehow undressed.

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During our recent holiday to Cheddar we cycled over to Wells and spent an enjoyable day in and around the Cathedral.

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Ashes Again


Some more images from the Ashes series in Cardiff.

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Ashes at Cardiff


A really enjoyable day at the cricket even if Australia had the best of it.

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