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Badgers at Devon Badger Watch

The location and time of day meant that I was always going to be on the limit with the camera settings.

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Exmoor: 4 – Deer

It was not the best time to see the Red Deer but with a little luck and patience we managed a few good sightings.

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Exmoor: 3 – Birds

You are always looking. If photography and the desire to respond to what’s around you is deep within, you never stop seeing. It’s also impossible to go anywhere without the means to photograph.

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Exmoor Skies: 1

There are a few places where the sky dominates the landscape; the Lancashire mosses; the Somerset Levels; the Western Isles; some wide coastal estuaries and of course Norfolk. To this list I would add Exmoor.

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Cheddar: 2 Colour or B&W ?


Here are the two images that Meg wanted to see (previous post comment)

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Cheddar: 1


It’s been a while since the last post. We’ve been away at Cheddar Gorge. The weather was with us and lots of images were taken.

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Building a Narrative – Making Sense of Your Holiday Images

So often, on returning from a holiday or expedition, people are heard to say, ‘ These pictures don’t do justice to the experience!’ Don’t be in this position again!

Over the years photography has been a great way to tell a story. Its zenith occurred during the rise of the picture magazines like Life and Picture Post and of course all moving images are in reality a vast sequence of stills! A narrative suggests that the event photographed will have a beginning, a middle and an end. The time scale that this occurs within does not matter at all. The narrative can occur over a few seconds, minutes, hours or days.

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