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Handa Island – Seabirds in Trouble


Handa is an island that simply tugs you back. It has it all; a wonderful evocative sense of loneliness (no Skomer hoards here – although it is still possible to get a quiet spot if you walk in the opposite direction to the Wick); a chance to get close to the ‘pirates’ of the bird world; archaeology and ancient history and a landscape of low coastal reefs to seriously imposing 100 metre Torridonian sandstone cliffs. Read more…

Islay geese : Black and White


So here’s the set from the last post but in black and white, with a hint of selenium. Think I know which one I’m going with. The colour set can be seen here.

DSC_6994-Edit DSC_7011-Edit DSC_7004-Edit DSC_7010-Edit DSC_7142-Edit DSC_7134-Edit DSC_7108-Edit DSC_7126-Edit DSC_7150-Edit

Islay Again and the Geese


Back to Islay and the geese. The aim was to place them in a wider context and I was fortunate that the weather was with me (seems like it’s not been very good since then). The mornings were superb and straight out of the van I was able to work with a perfect backdrop and the geese coming over the waters of Loch Indal. Trying to work them together is not such an easy task, focusing is all against you and the focusing spot had to be continually adjusted.

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Islay whisky


Sherry and Bourbon casks at Bunnahabhain

Islay’s about the perfect destination in winter if you love both geese and a good malt. For such a small island it has a wealth of fine distilleries and they are wonderfully located. Eight distilleries in such a compact area all responding to the natural characteristics of the island.

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Islay landscapes from the north


Dawn at Port Charlotte – view from the VW van

Back on Islay and some of the landscapes. We were fortunate in having some really fine light and looking at the weather that’s around now we definitely hit a little purple patch.

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The Character of Islay – Beyond Geese 1


Islay has more, much more, to offer than just geese and the other wildlife that’s on offer, but when you’re only over for such a short time it’s difficult to get a sense of it all.

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Islay Geese 1


Last week I went to Islay  and was particularly after one thing. I wanted to get some images that showed the geese in context with the place itself.

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Gulf of Corryvreckan whirlpools


A recent trip up to Scotland gave an opportunity to visit and experience the Gulf of Corryvreckan from close quarters. It’s somewhere  I’ve wanted to see properly close up for many a year. I’ve passed it by on a number of occasions, first on family holidays back in the sixties then taking my own kids to have a look as we sailed towards Colonsay.

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Skomer and the Best of the rest


Here’s the follow on from the previous post. The puffins are the stars but there’s a pretty good supporting cast as well. The evening produced a subtle sunset and the piece we had craved for during the day.

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Photography Course on Flat Holm


We at last managed to get over to Flat Holm on Saturday. The previous three course having been canceled due to poor weather and for a while it was touch and go as to whether we would make it this time.

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Dolphin Survey With Sea Trust


I was out with Sea Trust yesterday on a dolphin survey trip to the Smalls. The weather was, at last, fine but with a fairly heavy residual swell from the last low of a couple of days ago. It made the photography pretty difficult early on, but as we passed the Smalls lighthouse it quietened down and conditions improved.

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Quick Tip 7: Think in Series of Images


All too often we are searching for the ultimate shot, singular, instead of working with a series of photographs.

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Friends of Skomer and Skokholm


This Sunday saw the annual Friends of Skomer and Skokholm meeting at Bishop’s Cleeve near Cheltenham. It was the first time I’ve been but will certainly be making it a diary event from now on. Not withstanding a wealth of current information on the state of the Island’s wildlife and updates on current plans for some major changes, particularly to Skokholm, it was a chance to meet up with some old friends from my time running photographic trips to this part of Wales.

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