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Cwm Nash: At the Edge of Light

Much of my work over the years has been coastal, it’s somewhere were so much is going on; so many processes and changes, it’s continual and in constant flux and has the capacity to take you into a different space and time.

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The hour and a half Brendan and I spent on the beach with the tide pushing us back towards the cliffs took me back to my work at Druidston in Pembrokeshire (more posts to follow).

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Calendar Walk – 1

Weather was stunning, but we had to search for the flowers despite the recent warm weather. Luckily James took us to a small patch where Caerphilly Countryside Services have recently planted a whole variety of flowers.

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Late Summer Walk – Manmoel

The last of the series of popular walks with a camera has come and gone. Hopefully we can push it forward sometime next year and maybe have a small exhibition of the work produced by those who come along.

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Macro: Nature In Close Up


On the other end of the lens spectrum from the 500mm telephotos and converters that I use most of the time, are the macro lenses, enabling close up work of the smaller animals found around us.

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