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Ancient Islay, Kilnave and Kildalton


Grave slabs, chapel and cross at Kilnave

It’s not just the birds that draw me to Islay, it’s also very rich in ancient history and has some of the best preserved ¬†Christian high crosses anywhere in Britain.

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Islay Geese 1


Last week I went to Islay  and was particularly after one thing. I wanted to get some images that showed the geese in context with the place itself.

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Tawny Owl by Torch Light – No.2


The owl was around again last night and with another fine evening the conditions were very good.

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Tawny Owl by Torch Light

There’s been a Tawny Owl around our area lately and last night it was flying from ariel to ariel just across the road.

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The Lancashire Mosses

Over new year in Liverpool we had some really cold but wonderfully bright mornings, with heavy frosts.

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Working with Ambient Light and Flash at Night


It’s been an interesting 24 hours, with a good fall of snow last night and a further heavy shower for a couple of hours this morning. When it comes down like this, and that’s not very often round here, you have to make the most of it and it simply draws me out. There’s no possible way I can sit in doors knowing of the opportunities just beyond the comfort and warmth of the house. So between 11pm and 1am last night I roamed the streets! The dampened down sound created by freshly fallen snow is something I have always loved and by eleven last night Llantrisant was under the spell.

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Urban Beauty

The idea that beauty only resides in the natural world has to be contested. It is fair to say that I find most inspiration from the landscape and natural history, but at times I have been moved by urban and industrial environments.

It’s hard not to look on with astonishment and wonder at the city scape that is New York. At night it is simply beautiful, and despite my misgivings about what it represents and stands for its raw impact cannot fail to have an effect.

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