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Hospital Again

I’m back in hospital this week and will be out of action again for a few months. The site will continue to tick along though as I’ve prepared posts that will automatically come on line every five days, so do keep looking. If I don’t reply for a while then apologies, I’ll catch up with that when I’m up and about.

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Bala: A Retrospective – No 2


The second in the retrospective series from Bala, North Wales.

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Bala: A Retrospective – No 1


My work with a farming community in Bala, North Wales started some 28 years ago and over the next year I’m aiming to take the work back to the community to properly archive all the images.

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Cheddar: 1


It’s been a while since the last post. We’ve been away at Cheddar Gorge. The weather was with us and lots of images were taken.

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Entering the Personal Space

We all have a personal space. It’s the area immediately around us and other than those very close to us, we let no-one in. Good environmental portraiture and documentary photography demands that we enter this space and this is only possible if a standard or wide-angle lens is used.  It requires that the photographer communicates with the subject and gains their confidence.

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