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Heading South – The Final Chapter

A day late we headed south and the weather didn’t let us down – it rained! By now we were wanting it to, better to be able to say we had seventeen days with rain, heavy at that, on every single one of them.

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Handa at Last!

We woke to rain, nothing unusual about that, but the van wasn’t shaking and it just felt stiller. Looking out to Handa was just too much, we had planned to move back south today but being opposite the island and now with the possibility that today the boat just might run, we had to give it one last shot. We could move down south a little quicker it was a chance we had to take. It had even stopped raining!

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Scourie -1

We knew that Handa was a ‘no goer’ today but we still went down to Tarbet where the boat leaves from in more hope than anticipation. Met the boatman coming back in his van, “not a chance today, tomorrow not looking good either”

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Further North to Scourie

Leaving Ullapool we travelled up to Scourie and another impressive site, one I’d not stayed on before. You couldn’t really get much closer to the sea here and overlooking Handa, which was to be our last hope of visiting a single off shore island on this journey to Scotland.

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Ardmair – 4

We then started the return journey back towards Ullapool and again the weather closed in but was so blustery there was a chance that we could get the odd break in the clouds before the next downpour.

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Ardmair – 3

After lunching at Reiff we headed south to Achitibuie to look back towards Ardmair and past by the best school bus stop I’ve ever seen. Just imagine standing there waiting for the day to begin!

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Ardmair – 2

The ‘mad little road’ was empty and very wet but as we moved out towards Achiltibuie things began to clear and the wind began to get up.

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Ardmair – 1

Ardmair was to be our base for the next couple of nights. The last paragraph of my diary entry for our first day sums up what was to be another long but ultimately rewarding day,

…so all in all saw a great sunrise, a magnificent sunset and 16 hours in between which gave very occasional glimpses of the sublime.

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Firemore to Ardmair


We’d had one of those extreme moments within the landscape, when something transcendental occurs.

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Firemore Sands

There’s always a highlight to a trip like this and we were about to experience it here. Very heavy pulsing showers had accompanied us up from Kinlochewe and continued into the late afternoon when we arrived at Firemore.

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Kinlochewe to Firemore Sands – 2

….and so north again, past Slioch and Loch Maree and up toward Gairloch and Poolewe before heading out along the west side of Loch Ewe.

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Kinlochewe -Torridon and Gairloch 2

The afternoon of our first day around Kinlochewe saw us move up to Gairloch and to Red Point overlooking the islands of Raasay and North Rona.

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Kinlochewe -Torridon and Gairloch 1

We had three nights at Kinlochewe and this diary extract from our first day there gives some sense of our mounting frustration with the weather.

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Scotland 2011 – Sheil Bridge to Kinlochewe

This set of images takes us from Sheil Bridge to Kinlochewe. We briefly touched Skye on this journey crossing on the Kylerhea ferry. Again we had some appalling weather but it cleared for an hour at the very end of the day and Beinn Eighe slowly showed itself.

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Scotland 2011- Nevis to Sheil Bridge

The next series of posts will all be about time we spent in Scotland during may of last year (2011) We had chosen to visit the high North West in May for a number of reasons.It’s generally reckoned to be midgeless, quiet, good for birds and wildlife and the most favourable time for weather that gives a clarity of light with fine visibility. On all those counts it never delivered. Birds were few and far between, in two weeks we didn’t see a single deer let alone anything else in the mammal line, the midges showed up earlier than usual and visibility was, on the whole, very poor! The Met Office weather summary for the time we were up in Scotland says it all.

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Brecon Beacons Course

Satellite Image of UK weather 1300 hours - Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

Satellite Image of UK weather 1300 hours 6.6.09 - Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

Review of UK weather on 06/06/09

‘Through the morning and afternoon the wettest weather became focused across Wales and southwest England, where torrential rain and thunderstorms occurred across South Wales, east Cornwall and Devon. Across South Wales, the very heavy rain and thunderstorms occurred during the afternoon, particularly across the valleys.’

Source: BBC weather – review of UK

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