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Penarth Sea Front – Anglers – Part Two


So Countryfile came and went, and there’s not much more to be said really. Half a days filming for a minute and not putting the context behind the work we are planning to do. But there we go, nothing ventured etc. etc.

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Storm surge on the Mersey – A narrative


The last post from the Mersey looked mainly at the physical power of the water as the high tide reached its peak, but I was very much aware of a developing narrative that involved not just the waves and surges but people and the wider context in which I was experiencing the event.

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Abstract Water: Spray


On the recent trip out with Sea Trust it wasn’t just the wildlife that provided some great opportunities for photography.

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Dolphin Survey With Sea Trust


I was out with Sea Trust yesterday on a dolphin survey trip to the Smalls. The weather was, at last, fine but with a fairly heavy residual swell from the last low of a couple of days ago. It made the photography pretty difficult early on, but as we passed the Smalls lighthouse it quietened down and conditions improved.

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Snow Bunting, Purple Sandpiper and More Courses!


I went down to Fishguard yesterday to meet up with a good friend Cliff Benson. We were discussing the structure of some courses that we are aiming to start next year at The Ocean Lab in Goodwick.

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