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A few images from Scotland


Just a quick post firstly to apologise for the lack of activity on the site and secondly to preview a few images from a recent trip to Scotland.

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Reclaiming beauty and the sublime


Just three images on this post and a sad reflection of where photography education may be going.

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Anglers at Penarth – A Developing Student Project


Yesterday I spent some time with a group of anglers on the front at Penarth. High tide was a couple of hours away and slowly more and more folk  appeared with all the kit to fish it.

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One Wave – one Burst


Just one wave over a couple of seconds.

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Storm Surge on the Mersey


It seems as if the worst of the last storm was felt very close to home on the south Wales coast of Porthcawl and the west coast of Aberystwyth, both featuring on the national news. I was away at the time but was aware of the conditions that had been forecast close to my family home a couple of miles from the Mersey estuary in Liverpool.

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Gulf of Corryvreckan whirlpools


A recent trip up to Scotland gave an opportunity to visit and experience the Gulf of Corryvreckan from close quarters. It’s somewhere  I’ve wanted to see properly close up for many a year. I’ve passed it by on a number of occasions, first on family holidays back in the sixties then taking my own kids to have a look as we sailed towards Colonsay.

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Pelagic Sea Trip With AK Wildlife Cruises


On a recent trip down to Falmouth to attend my youngest daughter’s graduation (Press and Editorial Photography)  I was able to grab some time to get out with AK Wildlife Cruises on one of their day long pelagic sea trips.

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Migrants at Goldcliff


I finally managed to catch up with a bird that has been a little elusive for me over the years, the only other sighting I had was at Dinas some four years ago and that could only be described as a glimpse.

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Skomer and the Best of the rest


Here’s the follow on from the previous post. The puffins are the stars but there’s a pretty good supporting cast as well. The evening produced a subtle sunset and the piece we had craved for during the day.

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An Uncomfortable Space

The relationship between the cliff top and the sea has always fascinated me. The space that divides the two is somewhere we rarely venture. I’m not a rock climber and even then you’re still grounded, all be it to a near vertical incline.

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Cwm Nash: At the Edge of Light

Much of my work over the years has been coastal, it’s somewhere were so much is going on; so many processes and changes, it’s continual and in constant flux and has the capacity to take you into a different space and time.

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The hour and a half Brendan and I spent on the beach with the tide pushing us back towards the cliffs took me back to my work at Druidston in Pembrokeshire (more posts to follow).

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Queen Victoria in the Mersey

Our timing was good but totally fortuitous, the Queen Victoria, Canard’s smaller sister (Queen Mary 2 and Elizabeth being larger) was due into Liverpool on the morning we were heading back to Wales.

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Photography Course on Flat Holm


We at last managed to get over to Flat Holm on Saturday. The previous three course having been canceled due to poor weather and for a while it was touch and go as to whether we would make it this time.

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The Cost of Luxury


Whatever your environmental concerns, and mine are many, it’s awe inspiring to sail through Milford Haven and wonder at the engineering feet that confronts you at every turn. On our trip out to the Smalls from Neyland we passed a whole array of tankers and three monsters in particular stood out.

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10 Very Different Images all Taken on the Same Beach


All of these photographs were taken on Druisdtone beach in West Wales and show what can be achieved when you really “work” your subject and strive to see things in new and unconventional ways.

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