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Brecon Beacons – The Quiet Way Up

We had a glorious day to do this walk up the Beacons and didn’t meet a soul all the way up and down!

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Welcome Back

Jackdaw Roost

Off we go again with, hopefully, some interesting articles and images.

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Snow and Bounce Light – A Natural Studio


A second fall of snow last week meant another opportunity to visit the feeding station and try and photograph the regulars under very different conditions. In any studio the control one has of the light is obviously a great advantage over working in the natural environment. There are of course techniques that can be applied outside that come directly from a controlled  studio environment, bounced light is one of these. A white card can be placed on the opposite side of a flower for instance, producing a bit of ‘fill” or a light tent can be placed over your subject, creating a soft, even and flat light.

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Home Farm Snow


Tuesday 3rd Feb 2009

A good covering of snow at the farm today gave a chance of some different shots. It’s the first significant snow of the winter and for a while was heavy enough to cause disruption on the roads.

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