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Ruff at Martin Mere


Another recent wader encountered whilst out with the geese was the ruff. Five birds spent a good half hour picking up the swan feed towards dusk and it was interesting to note the very different stages of plumage from wintering adults to juvenile birds. It’s the leg colour that varies more than anything and is pretty well emphasised in these images.

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Some Winter Waders



Squabbling black-tailed godwits

It’s been the geese that have drawn me to various locations recently but there’s normally a trade off in the form of waders that frequent the same habitat. Here’s a few images of some of the waders I’ve encountered recently whilst following the geese.

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Studies for the 5×4 work – Waders and Wildfowl


A few more images in a way that I’ve been working lately. I’m putting them into a warm toned ┬áblack and white and again looking a the wider aspect of the birds in relationship to their habitat.

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