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Clarity Colour and Empitness – Beaches of North West Scotland 1

We walked onto the small stone jetty at Droman, a couple of miles north of Kinlochbervie, and were struck at once by the phenomenal clarity of the water and the breathtaking colours that were refracted through its glass like qualities.

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Photography Walk One – Cwmfellinfach


We were lucky with the weather for a new series of walks with Caerphilly Countryside Services that started on Saturday, as I write this now there’s thunder around and some seriously heavy rain!

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Walking Through the Sands of Time – Part Three


Never believe the weather forecast! It was going to be a terrible day, thunder, heavy rain and the risk of floods. We had a plan B, never sure quite what is was though and I put the canon into its underwater housing!

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Reclaiming beauty and the sublime


Just three images on this post and a sad reflection of where photography education may be going.

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One Wave – one Burst


Just one wave over a couple of seconds.

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Storm surge on the Mersey – A narrative


The last post from the Mersey looked mainly at the physical power of the water as the high tide reached its peak, but I was very much aware of a developing narrative that involved not just the waves and surges but people and the wider context in which I was experiencing the event.

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Storm Surge on the Mersey


It seems as if the worst of the last storm was felt very close to home on the south Wales coast of Porthcawl and the west coast of Aberystwyth, both featuring on the national news. I was away at the time but was aware of the conditions that had been forecast close to my family home a couple of miles from the Mersey estuary in Liverpool.

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Tern on the Wear


Whilst I was waiting for my brother to pick up his passport from the Durham regional office back in the summer (I’ve a bit of catching up to do!) and listening to the Ashes on TMS, I noticed a common tern fishing by a weir on the Wear. We were due to visit the Cathedral later on and as per normal I carry the 50 -500mm with me at all times.

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Working with the commoner gulls


A series of images taken on the river Taff. It doesn’t matter what your working with there’s always a real feeling of excitement when your around any activity and the aim is to find the one shot when it all comes together.

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Underwater photography at Pembrokeshire


I encountered an unusual space the other day, one that’s around us as an island everywhere but curiously one that very few experience.

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Mute Swans on the River Wye


A few days spent on the river Wye, close to Fownhope, gave a good opportunity to work with what appeared to be a resident and local population of mute swans. There were 25 birds in all and during the time I was there spent all of their time within an area of a couple of hundred yards. Read more…

The Cost of Luxury


Whatever your environmental concerns, and mine are many, it’s awe inspiring to sail through Milford Haven and wonder at the engineering feet that confronts you at every turn. On our trip out to the Smalls from Neyland we passed a whole array of tankers and three monsters in particular stood out.

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Abstract Water: Spray


On the recent trip out with Sea Trust it wasn’t just the wildlife that provided some great opportunities for photography.

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Heritage Coast Course


Once again the weather provided the main point of focus for this course as it had done so for the Brecon Beacons. This time it provided us with the full spectrum of a typically unsettled period.

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Waterfall Course


A really committed group worked the falls today and produced some fine results. We visited two locations around Ystradfellte and thoroughly explored many possible ways to photograph water.

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Waterfalls 1


We are pretty fortunate here in South Wales in having some of the finest network of waterfalls in the British Isles and I never tire of visiting them.

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10 Very Different Images all Taken on the Same Beach


All of these photographs were taken on Druisdtone beach in West Wales and show what can be achieved when you really “work” your subject and strive to see things in new and unconventional ways.

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