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Walk from Parc Cwm Darran for the 2014 Calendar


The scheduled August walk had to be cancelled due, would you believe, to bad weather! So a rather quickly arranged date was agreed – we needed and still need to  compile enough images that place the walks into a context and time is running out.

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Dinas, Near Llandovery – Failings of Photography


A run up to Dinas, always a favourite haunt, and a good walk around the ‘rock’ past Twm Sion Cati’s cave in still very cold conditions produced some really fine icicles and ice sculptures. It was difficult to get a sense of the beauty through photographs and I felt dissatisfied when I left them, never an easy thing to do, and this disappointment was confirmed when I downloaded the images.

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Waterfall Course


A really committed group worked the falls today and produced some fine results. We visited two locations around Ystradfellte and thoroughly explored many possible ways to photograph water.

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Waterfalls 1


We are pretty fortunate here in South Wales in having some of the finest network of waterfalls in the British Isles and I never tire of visiting them.

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